Monday, January 13, 2014

1953 // How I Wear My Crown

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Living in ATL, I've found myself searching for creative Nigerians via social media and in the process have come across many, but today I've decided to focus on one in particular, Folasade Adeoso. If you follow her on Insta you've seen everything from her art to her words of wisdom... It's quite incredible how one woman can possess so many talents and present them with such poise.

She recently came out with a head wrap collection titled 1953 which consists of handpicked fabrics from Nigeria with a video "How I Wear My Crown" to compliment the opening of her collection. 

The story behind the title 1953 is very heart-warming and so I'll share it with you as voiced by her,
"January 10 2012 my dad passed away from cancer. It was one of the hardest times in my life, and it still is. 1953 was the year my dad was born. I chose this brand name to honour him and to continuously celebrate his life. Here I am today on January 10t 2014, releasing the video campaign for my upcoming head wrap collection, 1953 on the same day my dad passed away. It means so much to me to release this today. It symbolizes a resurrection as I enter my new business ventures. Although my dad isn't physically here with me, I know he's here, and I really hope I made him proud with this. I honestly have to thank everyone who was involved with this project from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have done this completely alone. The support from everyone, family and friends will never go unnoticed. I most importantly have to thank God. I'm forever thankful and appreciative."

I urge you all to check out her website as well as watch the video above, she truly is an inspiration. 

- Zoe 

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