Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Wishlist

With Christmas day closing in, I thought it only logical to cultivate a wish list post! This past year  my mind was set on things like Mac's and Kindles, as I was very focused on the writing aspect of my future. However, this year is different… all I want are a bunch of clothes and a couple extra stuff. Anyways, here they are...and if you have a 'Winter Wishlist' in mind, feel free to comment below.

p.s. I'm so lazy so you're going to have to click the link below the photos to find out where they are from.


Shoes God knows I need some more white shoes in my closet, I'm borderline gothic when it comes to shoes… they're almost always black.
 Skirts If it isn't evident, I'm absolutely in lussttt with asymmetric skirts
Miscellaneous I don't know about you guys but Burt's Bees has been giving me life these past couple of months, and look at that bike, it NEEDS my untoned bottom. 

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