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My name is Zoe Audifferen - currently 15 living in Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Chicago but moved to Nigeria when I was about 5 or 6 and have lived there for about 9 years; a good portion of my life. I consider it my home.
I love to write; from prose, to poetry, to articles. I want to become a fashion editor when I am older and eventually go on into the making of my own magazine here in Lagos. I'm a fashion enthusiast; any and everything the naked eye can see inspires my style.

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My name is Toyin Audifferen, 21 year old college student.
I didn't get into blogs until I was about 14-15 years old when I discovered Lookbook.nu. That's when I discovered that normal people that walk down the street could have amazing style too; it wasn't only the magazines that could have a say in what to wear/how to wear certain things. These people were walking, talking, blogging style inspirations.

I am an aspiring photographer, stylist and makeup artist and I am currently in school to learn the ropes of becoming a fashion buyer.


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