Saturday, December 14, 2013

Teff the Don

These past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful with exams and all, leaving no time to blog. The wait is over, because we've got a series of posts coming to you this week.

Toyin and I got the pleasure of interviewing the implausibly talented blogger/stylist, and fellow Nigerian, Teff the Don. If you're familiar with our blog or even my twitter, you'll know that Teff inspires both Toyin and I to express ourselves through the medium of fashion and words. AND if you're familiar with Teff then you'll know she doesn't limit herself to one element of art, but embraces all aspects of it. So today we got to explore her mind in a way a little more personal than through reading her work.

A big thank you to Teff for letting this interview happen!




  1. I love this woman!! You guys have no idea! She's amazing

  2. OMG yasss this interview <3
    have always loved Teff x