Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hypnotize Me With Your Keyboard

If you ever want to discover new songs quick and easy sign up for an 8tracks account. Its a sight where people create mixes of every. type. of. music. I kid you not, there are a million and one combinations that lead to the most magical words and sounds you've ever heard. I've listened to it all, soul + pop mixes, mashups + dubstep, bollywood + indie.. they even have mixes for when you're studying or doing homework and need to focus. Funny enough when I study I need something crunchy like dubstep or electro. Yes, I said crunchy because eating any type of baked chips has to be one of the loudest noises one can hear in their head.  Therefore, dubstep and its electro sister are considered crunchy music, you're welcome.

Anywayssss I stumbled onto this one band while editing my photography pictures and watching Girl Code (OMG BEST SHOW EVER) and snapped out of my daze so quick you would think aliens had all of a sudden possessed me. The band's name is New Look and the married couple are actually from my last country of residence, Canada. Toronto to be exact. Their sound is like 80s futuristic electro with a little bit of soul. The wife, Sarah Ruba has this silky, smokey voice that swirls around you like dandelion seeds that have been carried by the wind from the most lavish field of flowers. As gorgeous as she is its no surprise she models too; she's even been shot (with a camera, calm down guys) by the one and only Bruce Weber. So jelly. The husband Adam Pavao is the mastermind that handles the keyboard and most of the instrumentals but they both work together to produce their trance-like sound.

I'll just drop a couple videos so you can listen for yourself. Happy hypnotizement.


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