Thursday, June 20, 2013

Something New

So I dont know if you guys have noticed but I'm not really one to wear skirts or dresses. If I look in my closet now I probably have like...4 dresses, no skirts. and two of them are dressy so technically I only have 2 dresses. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses and I can gawk at origami skirts and maxi dresses all day its just... pants and jeans are my safety zone. They're just so easy and I can slack on shaving my legs if I want to and no one can say anything about it. Thats the ugly truth.

Because of the merciless heat I've been forced to temporarily ditch my denim babies and replace them with over-the-knee-everything..and shave. I guess I've always associated dresses and its many variations as formal wear and formal wear alone, so I could only imagine wearing them to church and special events; never just because. But goodness gracious after seeing it would be 85 degrees out and after much inner-debate I decided to opt for this fun, and flirty shirt and dress combo (since I dont own a skirt) to wear to school today. I felt very Gatsby-ish with the shimmery gold shirt on and I'm sure I blinded a few passing drivers as the sun reflected off it. All I would need to complete the look would be a matching gold headband with a larger-than-life feather on it. If I wasn't so lazy that would actually be a cool DIY project.

I guess this outfit was a good thing, it's making me think of more feminine apparel to add to my closet; it couldn't hurt.

-Toyin xx

Shirt - H&M / Pleated Dress - H&M/ Belt - Vintage

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