Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pink Jungle

Okay, as light as I tried to keep my outfit it still was no match against the hot, hot, heat that was going on today; I had to take multiple trips to the bathroom to cool myself off with a moist toilette. Maybe I should just invest in a mini fan that sprays mist in in your face, you know.. like the ones they sell at the amusement park. The sun showed no mercy today at a high of 88 degrees and I witnessed multiple students who suffered from some heavy-duty sweating, yikes. That's the exact reason I decided to wear an outfit that was non-clingy, ain't nobody tryna sport a pair of sweaty pits. I have to say there is definitely a difference between heat in Maryland and heat in Nigeria, I'm sure some of you would think its smouldering hot over there, but its the opposite in fact. Heat in MD is on an overbearing, feel-it-in-your-soul type level. It gets really really humid, think of it like a hot blanket you can't unwrap yourself from. In Nigeria the heat is calmer, more bearable. It's hard to explain, but know that contrary to the stereotypes, its hotter in America.


Bowler Hat, Romper (or "Playsuit") - H&M
Rings & Necklace - Grandma
Boots - Forever 21
Sunglasses, Black swimsuit cover-up - Target

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