Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Those Damn Twins

Last summer was when Toyin first discovered the style bloggers/filmmakers Those Damn Twins on tumblr. Feels like yesterday when we were both gushing over the videos and pictures of Jalan and Jibril (it was love at first sight, I mean.. come on, they speak french). Having been born in Paris, the two brothers made a very big move to LA to study film; I remember one of the first things I ever said to Jibril (on facebook) was something along the lines of "Hey, I have like the biggest crush on you, but anyways.. how is LA?" For this interview of course I had to sweep away all the unprofessional talk and get down to business.

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The Divided: You two are tumblr famous, whats the craziest message you've gotten?

Jibril: I don’t think we’re tumblr famous, that sounds funny lol umm let’s see… someone said – I want twins so one of you are going to have to decide who is going to “deflower” me and make me a pair of twins.

TD: Who is the biggest spender between the two of you?

Jalan: Jibril 

TD: Style wise, who would you say are your biggest inspirations

Jalan: It’s a whole blend, maybe not one person particularly. A few bloggers, a few celebs, and a few foreign cultures.

TD: Artist you're loving right now?

Jibril: Of monsters and men, and T-rex!

TD: If we were to check your history what would your most visited website be?

Jibril: American Apparel, and lol

TD: Spotted any celebrities since moving to California?

Jalan: It’s weird here. Sometimes in public and sometimes you can end up at a party and see some there.

TD: How does the style in California differ from that of Paris?

Jalan: Parisian style is a lot about fit and traditional wear, and here there’s a lot of bohemian and American vintage style

TD: How did you guys get scouted by American Apparel ?

Jibril: We went to the factory’s store and asked to, and they called this lady down and we asked her. 

TD: What are your 5 spring must-haves?

Jibril + Jalan: Cool sunglasses, sexy above knee shorts lol, light knit sweaters, print scarves, and our camera I guess

TD: What is your most worn item in your closet?

Jibril: My dyed denim jacket 
Jalan: My red Hawaiian shirt

TD: If you could pick anyone, who's closet would you raid?

Jalan + Jibril: Pelayo Diaz’s or Nick Wooster’s

TD: When not working on your various social platforms, what do you do in your free time?

Jibril: Shoot for our blog or go to school. I guess shooting for our blog is still kind of working on our social platforms. haha

TD: You two have created a brand for yourselves, would you say you're a package deal when making any business moves?

Jalan: Yeah definetly.

TD: What is the typical day like in the life of a Durimel ?

Jibril: Wake up, argue about something, work on our blog, cook something good and do work for school

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