Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Breakfast Club

The moment I stepped in front of the mirror this morning with my thrifted men's jean jacket on the first person that came to mind was John Bender from The Breakfast Club. His "construction worker chic" outfit in the movie and bad-butt attitude was clearly on my mind while taking the shots below.
OH and you may notice something a teeny bit different about me.. *cough* my hair *cough*. Yes, I am part of Team Natural. After Christmas last year I made a hasty decision to cut out all the perm in my hair and made a commitment to grow the most healthiest hair ever. Sitting in the salon chair it all began to sink in as 18 years of hair slowly fell to the ground. Did I have second thoughts about it? Of course. Did I cry? PSHH no..I'm pretty sure it was just a piece of dust that flew into my eye that made them tear up and nothing more. After 3 months of having braids in an attempt grow it out as much as possible I can finally say I'm comfortable with the new look. I'm going to go back to weave soon though because I want it to keep on growing. The longer its put away the better!
Also, today is my wifey (and my personal photographer) Bukky's birthday today, she's 20! ^_^ This weekend we're heading out to D.C for dinner with friends to celebrate. I better hurry and find an outfit for it, Saturday is closing in on me fast!


Click below to see more pics!

 Jacket - thrifted
(DIY) Wolf Tank - JC Penny 
Pants - Target
Scarf (in hair) - Bluenotes
Egyptian Brooch - Grandma's
Boots - Forever 21