Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Harding Meyer

Normally I spend my days on my tumblr dashboard, scrolling and scrolling through endless pictures of people with impeccable style as well as poetry, quotes and the works. Today I decided to actually explore the paradise that is tumblr.

Instead of disposing my time by reblogging tons of photos I searched artists and came across the immensely talented Harding Meyer. I stumbled upon this artist's large scale oil portraits from his exhibition titled 'Likeness' which he debuted at Galerie Frey. The portraits' subject always has a deep stare which draws you into noticing not only the beauty in the portrait but the vibrant colours and geometric brush stroke technique that makes the portrait so stunning. He easily molded both dark shadows and bright lights into his portraits which gave a sense of character and personality to the canvas.

This is one artist I can't help but follow while exploring the beauty of art.

Read More to see photos from the exhibition !


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  1. fucking useless, I need to know the name of the fucking paintings