Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lazy Daisy

Yet another prediction of  me hiding behind magazines and laptops has come to pass. I've been locked inside this house with as little as a book and the internet to keep me company. With my sister going out and my brother drowning himself in Xbox games, Spring break couldn't be any more boring than it is right now. I clearly do not add anything to the stereotype of the teen sneaking out the house to go to some club or house party, and because of this I am constantly finding time to tumblr and tweet.

Today I decided to do something more productive with my time, by taking The Teenvogue Handbook's advise and grabbing any and everything that inspires me; photos, advertisements, brochures and sticking them in my binder for later reference. It is going to be very helpful when decorating if/when we move, and also for mood boards if I don't.

Click to see what my day looked like !

Fashion TV and obsessing over Asian models was on the agenda

Couldn't go on without my assorted fruits. I love pineapples !

These are the looks I'm going for:


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