Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Entrées

You can find literally everything on Ebay, and usually for dirt cheap prices. The thing is, when it comes to shopping on Ebay you have to have the patience to scroll through all the pages of seemingly useless crap to find that one (or two) diamond(s) in the rough. If you're not specific enough with your search you could end up scrolling and clicking the "next page" button for a while. That's pretty much what happened to me. I wasn't looking for anything specific so when I typed in "beanies" the first thing I saw were babies in tiny little hats that looked like they were knitted by old ladies in the neighbourhood Knitting Club. But alas, I still had a good hour before my next class so I cracked my knuckles, shook my hands to loosen them up and got clicking. It didn't take that long actually since I just ended up skipping 3-4 pages; about 20 minutes. Anyways though, the two beanies below came up to $18 bucks (including shipping). YAY ME! *London clap*


 Buy them here and here

Also, for those of you looking to buy new glasses I got you covered. I've had my glasses since 8th grade and since I started wearing contacts that same year I've never really had a reason to get new glasses. I love my contacts, but over the years I've seen that they aren't as reliable as a pair of spectacles.  At they have tons of designer and non-well-known-designer brands for your choosing. You can find some super affordable and chic specs and the best part is you can try them out for yourself for FREE. yes, free. All you have to do is sign up with their website and choose 5 different frames that you'd like to test drive and they'll ship them to you (for free). After a week of course you have to send them back (for free) unless you decide to keep the ones you like, then they charge you. OH, btw the glasses don't come with the lenses. I guess that's they're way of making sure you don't "accidentally" keep them. My frames just came in yesterday, and as you'll see, I have a special place for the "geek" look in my heart. Click the link below to see them! 

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