Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As soon as I get new items in my closet I immediately start thinking of what to wear with them the next day. I'm sure everyone reading experiences this, the excitement of your outfit debut can be really overwhelming sometimes. The creative planning process usually happens where the rest of our magic lies: our imagination. For me personally, In my half-asleep state when my alarm goes off at 7am it's fight or flight for the winning outfit. It would be more productive, but I almost never pick out clothes the night before because theres a 97% chance I'll change my mind in the morning due to the way Benny the flamingo paired a studded beret with a patchwork miniskirt in my dreams. That's just one way you can stay inspired and fresh. ;)

Opting for the "tailored army" look today, I really dig this blazer I dug up from my grabdma's closet. It's nice knowing I don't always have to travel 15 miles to the thrift store when there's a closet full of gems in the next bedroom.


Beanie - Ebay
Sweater - Forever 21
Blazer - Grandma's
Pants - Target
Boots - TJ Maxx
Backpack - Forever 21
Watch - Target
Bracelets - market in Nigeria

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