Monday, March 11, 2013

Brick by Boring Brick

So I figured with me not having as much time to go out and stuff that I'd just start sharing with you guys what I wear to school. It's looking like winter is finally giving up the fight and letting Spring in; it seemed as if over the weekend everything shifted (finally). Today was supposed to be a nice 61 degrees but of course you cant count on the weather these days. It was nicer earlier this morning but when I was out taking my pictures this afternoon it was pretty chilly and windy. Honestly though, I dont mind if its cold, cold I can tolerate. What I cant tolerate is the icy wind that follows and threatens to blow the very jacket thats keeping me warm off my body. Good thing I decided to wear my hair in a bun because I imagine if it was down I'd be blind from my hair being whipped in my face every second. C'mon weather.. just give me one day of pure sunshine. Thats all I want.


Motor Jacket, Faux Fur Stole & Green Tank - H&M 
Black Jeggings - Marshalls
Booties - Goodwill

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