Monday, March 25, 2013


Sunday was amazing.. The day couldn't have gotten better. After church my dad treated my cousins, siblings and I to ice cream from Ice Cream Factory (although I ended up getting a vegetarian panini).

My dad was definitely done after that, so he took my brother home and the rest of us headed to LPM (Le Petite Marche) with nothing but church pamphlets in our pockets. Le Petite Marche is much like a farmers market in the sense that there are many vendors selling an array of fashionable clothes, bags, accessories and so forth, all for an amazing price. My cousin, Funlola being the lucky one got a couple of dresses while Hannah and I posed for Bella Naija photographers and greeted Modé. The Bella Naija photographers were taking pictures of the items being sold and the people that walked the marble floors in the most stylish of outfits. With Funlola trying on numerous things, Hannah and I got an eyeful of stylish men and women before we departed at 4.

We ended the amazing day with a trip  to Apples & Oranges! We all got our nails done, me sporting the monochrome trend with my black crackled nails with a white base. Having tried the crackle nail polish effect before, I thought this time would be a total fail but it turned out looking better than ever


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