Thursday, February 14, 2013

21 Questions with Leomie Anderson

During the Christmas holiday, Toyin and I were lucky enough to reach out to the model, Leomie Anderson and ask her a couple of questions regarding her career, blog, and a couple other of random things. 

Leomie Anderson is a model for Premier Model Management and has been modeling since 2010 for the likes of Topshop Unique, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giles, Ungaro and Loewe and many other adroit designers. Leomie does not only provide insight into the modeling world through her blog crackedchinacup but also an insight to her personal life, style and interests. 

The one thing both Toyin and I adore about Leomie is how laid-back she is, from her wardrobe to tweets, to Youtube videos, we never feel like we can't relate or at least understand her style or opinions (and oh-how we wish could relate to her love life (Harry Uzoka).. 

But enough of this brief, here is our interview with her: 

The-Divided: Describe yourself in 5 words

Leomie: Erm, crazy, adventurous, positive, saucy, creepy haha 

TD: Were you a tomboy growing up or a girly girl?

Leomie: I was a tomboy. Was the fastest runner in my school and a great goal keeper for the football team. However, I also did ballet, tap, gymnastics, trampolining and other stuff, but over all I was a Tom boy.

TD: What would the theme song to your life be?

Leomie: Ja Rule- livin it up!

TD: What are some of the most played songs on your ipod?

Leomie: 9000 watts- French Montana. Cherry wine- nas ft. Amy Winehouse. Ms Jackson- outkast.

TD: What are some of your favorite magazines?

Leomie: Don't read any lol.. Except asos mag because its free!

TD: What pet peeves do you hope people have left in 2012?

Leomie: Not sure lol. Probably thinking that your stylish just because you wear designer stuff.. Super annoying.

TD: Is the cup half empty or half full? 

Leomie: Erm mine is 100% full. I combine the half empty and half full cup.

TD: Do you know that you and your boyfriend are tumblr famous?

Leomie: Haha so I've seen!

TD: Do you find it easy that you and your boyfriend, Harry Uzoka are both models?

Leomie: Yeah, he understands me and my job like no one else; I love it.

TD: Who wears the pants in your relationship?

Leomie: We both do!

TD: Do you get nervous when you do photo shoots with attractive men?

Leomie: The most attractive guy I've shot with was Harry so I'm never nervous!

TD: What was your big break in fashion?

Leomie: Walking for Marc by Marc Jacobs in my first season!

TD: Who are your favorite designers? 

Leomie: Givenchy- Tisci has got the combination of high fashion and street wear down to an art.

TD: What are some trends you like/dislike?

Leomie: I dislike what Jordan's have become. They make people think they're sneaker heads/ tumblr chicks etc when really half of them are just ugly trainers that get re released. Not all. Some.

TD: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

Leomie: Good old Topshop does it for me and then eBay. You can watch my eBay haul video on my blog 

TD: Do you like thrifting?

Leomie: Haven't really got time to search around lol, once again eBay is the best for me!

TD: What are some of the places you hope modeling takes you?

Leomie: I would love a make-up or fragrance campaign. After modeling I'd love to be a tv presenter and fashion editor.

TD: Do you have any models in the industry that you look up to?

Leomie: I look up to my friend Jeneil Williams as she never gave up and is reaping the rewards now.

TD: Who do you hope to model for in the future?

Leomie: Givenchy campaign would be amazing. I'd also love to e one of the girls who walks in their men's show.

TD: If you weren't modeling what could you see yourself doing full-time?

Leomie: Being a tv presenter lol. No normal 9-5.

TD: You have a blog, crackedchinacup, are there any other projects we can expect to see from you in 2013 and the coming years?

Leomie: Well I don't know about the coming years lol but hopefully grows and I'm able to do more video interviews with known faces in the fashion industry.

P.S. Happy Valentines day and Happy Birthday Leomie !! 


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