Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Entrées

Sorry I haven't been posting guys!

Because of my accidental prolonged stay in Nigeria I ended up missing the first week of school and I was scrambling to play catch-up. Now that I've fully settled into my schedule I can go back to posting regularly.
Those of you who have visited Nigeria or better yet live there know how much of a struggle shopping is in Lagos. For those who don't know let me just tell you now: there is no such thing as affordable when it comes to clothing stores over there. During my stay I was seriously dehydrated and the only thing that could quench my thirst was the slick swipe of a credit card. The minute I got back I went to the mall. Actually, "went" is too soft a word for that sentence..I full on sprinted. Being in Nigeria for a month and a half without any stores with delicious clothes and accessories to drool over was hard to say the least. I missed the bright store windows and stylishly dressed mannequins that wear all the items I can almost never find in the store. I missed going on a hunt in the jewelry sections, searching for the perfect bracelets to add to my arm party. I even missed singing along to all the overhyped and overplayed songs (Forever 21... please stop playing Taylor Swift. I'm begging). Any who, after two days of sifting through the racks and eyeing tasteful jewelry I can say that my craving has subsided; I've relaxed. I haven't even been counting down the days till I get my next allowance or anything. ☺


varsity jacket, studded camouflage sweater - Forever 21/ Free & Reckless tank - Heritage 1981

emerald green necklace - Forever 21/ teardrop earrings - H&M/ silver Casio watch - Target 

 gold buckle boots - Forever 21

                                             quilted backpack - Forever 21/ Cynthia Rowley iPhone case - Marshalls

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