Saturday, January 26, 2013

For the Love of Polyvore

For the love of not only Polyvore, but for any Nigerian reading this, it is OK, I repeat, OK to experiment with clothes. Due to the heat wave that seems to cast over Lagos 24/7, we've all seemed to grab for our shorts and button up tops and left all the other items in the back of our closets to collect dust. I will say that its not ALL of us Nigerians that seem to do it, I will free majority of those over 23 but the rest of you, you've been caught.

Don't worry, shorts are my guilty pleasure too, but I've decided to stray from the denim shorts and instead, run towards the cropped pants and loose skirts and dresses. I've pulled together a couple outfits I think showcase diversity which should be so keen on practicing (these looks may not appeal to all), as well as shoes, another item we shy away from. Boots, sneakers, sandals,  and flatforms. They are all our friends, our friends.. Heels aren't the only shoes known to mankind. For the Love of Polyvore, try them out. 


I know these overalls are pushing the limits but they look nice with one strap off and if paired nicely. 

P.S. my polyvore: zoeaudii

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