Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Due to some annoyingly annoying passport issues it looks like i'll be stuck in Nigeria for longer than intended/needed. Sad part is that most of my friends have already left the country so most of my time will be spent with family (you'd think that'd be a good think but it isn't... okay, it half isn't). Good thing is that this friday is my 19th birthday and i haven't spent my birthday with my family in yearsss. When i moved to Canada a few years back for high school I spent each birthday taking an exam and cramming for the next one.. no proper time to actually celebrate it. And since I wasn't planning on staying I know my parents are probably scrambling to find me a nice present (hopefully). All i've asked for is a spa day; a massage, mani-pedi... the works. It's very, very much needed.

Anyways tonight I went out with a few friends who belong to the Lagos fashion industry to this lounge called Sip. Unfortunately, the bag I took wasn't big enough for my enormous camera so I had to leave it at home. The pics below are very few because daylight was fleeting and my camera decided to act wacky. These are the most decent ones, all the rest were blurry beyond saving. Shout out to my other sister Hannah for taking the pics.

- Toyin

Floral Blouse - H&M
Studded Shorts - Forever 21
Wedge Heels - Spring
Gold Necklace - H&M

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