Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad

Nasty Gal has always been a favorite site of mine when it comes to online window shopping. I could spend hours getting my heart pumped up just looking through the pages of shoes and bags.
Anyways today i went on their site to do just that when i noticed that they had put up their December look-book titled "Good Girl Gone Bad". Surprisingly enough, model - Bambi is featured in the lookbook in pinks, light purples and floral print...something that you would probably see in the spring rather than December, but hey, i'm all about breaking the mold too. I'd have to say that the only thing that kinda confuses me is the fact that they have come out with a range of shorts. I mean, it's December, just because there isn't any snow on the ground doesn't mean it's not cold as icicles outside. But i guess some people are okay with contracting hypothermia this winter, their lives not mine.

- Toyin

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