Thursday, November 29, 2012


I entered the car,
it smelt of smoke (beat)
I didn't ask him if he had been smoking,
I just sat quietly listening to the smiths on the radio.

I didn't ask him if he was alright
I didn't offer him my advice
I didn't smile at him reassuringly (beat)
I just leaned over, kissed his cheek then held his hand.

I knew he wasn't in the mood to talk
I knew he didn't need someone to 'listen'
he just wanted some company,
and I was ready to be that for him.

So we just sat in the car,
listening to each other's short breaths,
with asleep playing in the background (beat)

We didn't say much besides, the occasional 'are you asleep' question,
but it was wonderful (beat)

my head on his chest,
the hurt in his eyes..
his hand intertwined in mine..

It was such a cold moment,
but our bodies.. our body language made it bright.

p.s the beat is just a pause, not a drum beat x

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