Sunday, December 16, 2012

Copa Lagos

     So yesterday I attended Copa Lagos (it took place at Eko Atlantic), well not really 'attended' but assisted the fashion aspect of the event. The football event on a whole was successful, the crowd was loud, the cheerleaders looked great, the footballers played their best, the music was amazing. All in all - the football event went really good. But, lets look at the fashion aspect of this event.

      Once we finally got through to the security guard (who was being extremely stubborn), we made our way to where the fashion show was taking place, only to be greeted by sand.Yes, SAND. There was no backstage set up, keep in mind we were 2 hours late and they still had not set up the backstage.
One of the organizers, Zara, was pissed. Shouting on the phone, and frankly, who could blame her? It was ridiculous. They eventually got around to it, and things started getting better, we were able to start the fashion show sooner than expected.

      The presenter for the fashion show is a whole other story. To say the least, he was terrible. The crowd wasn't feeling him, neither was I. I hate to be bashing this whole event because I really was just there to assist, but really, poor organization. Once we finally got all the cheerleaders and models, got all the make up done, and did all the hair (hair people didn't show up), things were looking brighter. The show had a rocky start, but as we progressed, things got better. There were fireworks, Burna Boy was there, and Wizkid performed, although I did not stay long enough to witness it *sheds tear*.

The highlight of the day was the music and helping out Teni Sagoe. I truly do love Clan and her.
If anything, I learned not to depend so much on organizers, make do with what you've got.

I was finally given my pass

 Andy, I loved her sunglasses, this picture does not give them justice. 

The oh-so wonderful backstage we were welcomed with 

 This is what I wore. It was a really hot day, I was supposed to be inconspicuous, I'm aware I was wearing anything but that. 

Eko Atlantic view

One of the models (I'm really bad with names)

P.S. i'm still working on getting a new camera

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