Sunday, October 28, 2012

LFDW 2012

Lagos Fashion and Design Week has come to an end,  as do my busy mornings. I met so many wonderful people, and learned a lot from each and every one of them. From learning to bring like 30 millions pens because no one is ever going to have one, to organizing models and designers. There were a lot of glitches along the way but the end product was beautiful. All of the models were very sweet, and I was so un-aware of how young they were. Moyin (this year's winner of the Elite Model Competition) is only 17 years old as well as Chika who was the winner of Elite Model Competition two years ago. I've learned that everyone is cranky under pressure, like everyone, including me. Some more than others though.. If you can't do something, say you can't. Don't take up too many tasks that you know you can't handle. There were a lot of interns who thought they were up for the task, and after the first day the number of interns dropped significantly. There was a set of interns that were hands on, and the rest were just there to watch the show and meet models. Oyinade (another intern) and I were always told to come earlier than the rest of the interns because we understood what we were doing, we were dedicated, we were willing to help. Like in the TeenVogue Handbook, someone spoke about how you must do small jobs that you feel aren't worthy of your education, but when you do it, you show your dedication, they want someone that is willing to do anything, for anyone if it's going to make things easier. That was my goal throughout this experience. From writing descriptions of collections for Designers, to undressing models, to gathering interns, I truly have a gained a lot. MMR is in December, and I'm hoping to get my hands on that and help out as well as see a lot of familiar faces. I learned so much and hope to continue the journey. Some pictures of my favourite models and/or outfits

Alvin for Old Religion

Chika for Vintage by Collette

Kelvin for Orange Culture

Kwen for Grey

Mitchelle for Alter Ego

Moyin for Sunny Rose

Peter for Old Religion

Stephania for Vintage by Collette

Steven for Grey

Tobi for MI-LE

Toyin for Old Religion

Uju for Grey

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