Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cara Delevingne

I absolutely love Cara! Everything about her, from her bizarre laugh to her naturally straight hair, there is always something new to love about her. I think there are so many 'good looking' models, but it's hard for me to like a model without adding a phrase referring to her looks, but with Cara the last comment about her may be her looks. She's very lucky to honestly "have it all". She's got the looks, the job many envy, and the personality to top it off. I first encountered Cara last year when I couldn't care less about models, someone had posted a video of her, it was behind the scenes of some photo shoot she was doing. I watched the whole thing, the way she slouched in her chair, the way she spoke, you could tell she was very laid back, and wasn't the least bit serious, which I loved.  Maybe her young age played a part in all of this, but I really don't care if it did. Anyways, I watched the video and that was that. It saddens me to admit that it was only up until she became 'mainstream' that I took a second look, I mean after her clogging up my dashboard with photo shoots after photo shoots, how could I just ignore her presence? Ever since then, I've been hypnotized.. any picture of her, I MUST reblog, any video, I MUST watch, I just can't get enough. In some way she reminds me of Chloe Moretz, I'm unsure of why... If you are wondering, I decided to write about Cara because my dad brought back British Vogue and she was featured in that, so I decided to post this. Nevertheless here are some of the photos that were in the magazine:


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