Monday, October 22, 2012


So guys, I was recently privileged enough to have an internship centered around LFDW (Lagos Fashion and Design Week) ! My Cousin, Ian, hooked me up! He recently became a fulltime stylist and was able to make the calls needed to get me where I am. I went for a meeting two weeks ago and discussed with the lady in charge of the interns, known as Miss.Kene. We talked about me working backstage and the qualities and commitment needed when doing such a big fashion show, and I for one, was up for the task! This week is the week when things really started getting heated, from one model fitting to another, all hands were aboard. The first model fitting was on Saturday and I took the photos of each of the models in the designer's outfits. We then proceeded to describe each and every outfit. There were those points where I nor the describer knew the shade or pattern of the design so I took it upon myself to do the research that same night. The next model fitting which was on Sunday, and by then I was much more comfortable with everyone and had an idea of what they were expecting. The camera we had used the following day had not arrived, and (THANK THE LORD) I had a spare small Nikon camera in my bag which we used until the professional one arrived. By this time i was familiar with the designers, production assistants, and so forth. Monday is the third day I've worked. I came in around 12 for the meeting and we discussed which group I would be assigned to and what the dress code was. I met the different people in the group and we all shared our stories, they were all very welcoming. I stayed back after the meeting to lend a hand, and one thing lead to another and I became one of the production assistants! I neeeeed to do my research, but with proper training and concentration I'm sure I'll do just fine. Above are a few of the pictures I CAN show, the rest will be uploaded after the fashion show xx


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