Thursday, August 30, 2012

I would just like to take the time to talk about the people that inspire me right now. When people tell me that let's say, someone 3 years older than them inspire them, me speaking personally, i don't understand it. I find it hard to find anyone a couple years older than me inspiring. No one my age inspires, everyone around me is changing, how can someone that at any moment, change, inspire me? I just can't seem to come to an end when such a question comes to mind. At one point, I believed that Solange Knowles was my role model, up until the day when someone asked me why so, and I was speechless. I had no reason, I just found her endlessly pretty, so organized, but nothing that really inspired me. Writing wise, a blogger known as teffthedon inspires me. I never knew she wrote, she was very secretive about it, but you could tell by the emotion she used in simply describing a day out, the words that seemed so complexed. You could tell it was a passion. I am yet to read one of her actual writings, but i have had the pleasure of reading her daily logs, looking at photos, she's so put together for someone of her age. Well the looks of her age anyways. I'm not sure anyone else inspires me right now..

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