Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Flight

Spring brings forth tons of feel-good feelings. The whole world is in bloom and it can have this crazy effect on humans that we too can have new beginnings. There are so many things going on right now and I have a new project I'm working on so I hope to share it with you guys soon; I'm really excited/nervous. I can only speak for myself but I hope that everyone reading this feels as light and airy as I do.

Because I take all my college courses online I haven't had much human interaction (outside family/church) since my family moved to Atlanta last summer, but of course a couple of my friends back in Maryland were oh so thrilled to come visit me for spring break. Between low-priced thrifting and cloud-watching in the fields of Kennesaw Mountain there was tons of Nigerian food that was cooked and consumed, which I realized I missed way too much. If anything this break was nothing short of good laughs and even better company.

Toyin .x.

Top - H&M // Coat - Men's thrift //  Belt - Thrift // Jeans - Men's thrift 
Necklaces - Thrift // Tassel Penny Loafers - Thrift // Bracelets - Nigeria 
 Clutch - Thrift

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