Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So over the past couple weeks I've been doing more than inappropriate damage to my credit card. In my defence I hadn't gone shopping or thrifting (yes, I consider them two different things) in over a month so naturally I got swipe-happy. Below is a combination of both thrift and mall items and let me just say I am never going to downtown ATL without a car ever again. The distance from Lenox Mall to Atlantic Station should never be challenged on foot. Even with the help of the subway I was too unprepared for the 45 minute half-uphill walk. If I had known what a trek it was going to be I definitely wouldn't have worn a certain pair of boots that got more constricting by the minute. Zoe was practically limping in her shoes and it got to be so bad I was seriously considering going all nature-hippie-barefoot on our way back to the bus terminal. fashion truly is pain.

Toyin .x.

Heels - Charlotte Russe // Glasses - Icing by Claire's // Necklaces - Charlotte Russe // 
Hat - Charlotte Russe // Earrings - F21 // Watch - Thrift // Bag - F21 // Bomber Jacket - Thrift
Black Tennis Shoes - H&M // Camo Tennis Shoes - F21 // Acne Sweater - Sheinside // 
Polkadot Shirt - Jones New York // Sweater - H&M

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