Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bipolar Sunshine

The only real release I've had this hectic Summer has been through jogs in the night with music blaring through my earphones or lying on my bedroom floor listening to music with my friend, Alexis.

Among the many nights of listening to music on the floor, or in the shower, or while jogging, there was one that I couldn't forget. I know people say don't judge a book by its cover, but I've always been one to break the rules and so I saw this cover art for a song called Rivers and I loved it, the pastel, the man in the picture, the sunglasses (oohh those sunglasses), to say the least I was hooked. When I hit play I was welcomed by an upbeat yet soulful voice that I instantly fell in love with. I had to to know more about this Bipolar Sunshine.

Long story short I listened to a couple of songs by this Manchester-based artist and had to interview him, and with the help of Alexis I was able to get just that!

                         Bipolar Sunshine's..  Twitter     Facebook     Soundcloud     Youtube    Website

Special thanks to Alexis E. for helping getting this interview together 


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