Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's a Mall World After all

I've always loved worn out sweaters, there is just something about them that gives me a sense of being at home. I like them rough and weather beaten or not at all, and so I decided to wear my black school jumper from this past year (It has collected my tears and witnessed my fights). As for the hair, I felt like Sailor Moon the whole day (my braids are really long), it was such a fun hairstyle to try out.

Yesterday, my sister Hannah and I went to the Mall as well as Goodwill and we did manage to buy many amazing steals. Stupidly, I didn't forget my camera but DID forget the memory card so I wasn't able to take photos, but I shall take photos of the new buys today and have them up tomorrow x

current mood: sad because I tried on Calvin Klein beige suede ankle heels and they were too big

P.S. because of the lack of a memory card I can only share with you some photobooth fun before going to the mall.


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