Friday, March 29, 2013

Teen Tartan

I was watching Cartoon Network this morning while eating breakfast and to my horror I saw a preview of a new Teen Titan episode. Only this wasn't the original Teen Titan, these characters were redrawn and looked like mini Jiggly-Puffs. I was so disappointed. Why do animated tv shows feel the need to switch up the look of their characters? First it was Tom & Jerry, then it was American Dragon: Jake Long, now Teen Titan..i'm sure there's more but thats all I can think of at the moment. Can you tell how upset I am through these words? This needs to stop.
Any who the weather today was B-E-A-UTIFUL. Sunshine and way less wind = perfection.
As you can see there is a theme with today's posts. PRINT MIXING. I just paired a Hawaiian Island shirt with my tartan print blazer; common color: blue and green. Not bad for my first attempt ey? I spiced it up with my "cat lady" glasses which surprisingly fit right in. When I met my friends for lunch today at Chipotle though I got called grandma instead for my old-ish look. Apparently, short bushy hair makes me look 10x older. Well then, I guess that makes me the chicest, youngest looking grandma I know.


Click below to see more pics.

Shirt, Blazer, Shoes: thrifted
Glasses: Icing by Claire's
Jeans: Target


  1. Whoa I'm sooo glad I found this blog. You girls are the definition of cool <3 *following*
    ~ Jamara

  2. Thank you so much ! Checking out your blog asap x