Sunday, March 31, 2013

Natural Native

Before I get into the details of my day, Happy Easter my dear readers and I pray you all find the courage to resurrect your dreams as I intend to. Today has been very eventful in more ways than one.
Waking up on a Sunday morning is never easy, but today I found the energy to hop into the shower and get dressed in my somewhat native wear and listen to the word of God.

I must say the church service was by far one of the best. A play was performed as well as lively songs being sung by the choir and even a Jamaican one which brought laughter throughout the crowd of people. After the church service we had planned to hit the waves alongside my good friend Alexis, but the heat wave was far too much to bare and so we settled for ice cream and meeting up with friends from abroad. 

I'm well aware of the fact that I shy away from doing outfit posts, not because I am not confident with my style but because I rarely go out, and so today I was determined to get some photos taken between walking to my friends house and getting ice cream.

Read More to see the rest of the photos !

P.S.  Shout out to Alexis for taking these photos

Top: Tailored
Jeans: Forever 21
Sandals: H&M
Jewelry: Nordstrom

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