Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Go Kiko Let's Go *clap* *clap*

Honestly, Tumblr has helped me discover so many models its not even funny. A while ago this Japanese-American actress/model named Kiko Mizuhara popped up a few times on my dash and I realized that this was clearly a nudge from the fashion gods to find out just who the heck she was. I was instantly drawn to her adorable baby-face that she can turn into one of complete elegance or something even steamier. She has this light, dreamy, yet no-nonsense air about her that I'm sure shocks people once she gets in front of the camera. Her bob is definitely something I envy because I tried it out in 8th grade and lets just say it didn't look too good. Either that or the hairdresser did a crap job..I'll stick with the latter. Anywho I simply adore her. Now that she's teaming up with Opening Ceremony I can't wait to see the kind of style these two dish out for us.

See more pics of Kiko after the jump!

all pics taken from tumblr.
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