Saturday, December 29, 2012

Micah Gianneli

Not only am I in love with Julia Sarr-Jamoi's sense of style but Micah has become the newest addition to the group. She runs rawwblog alongside her partner, photographer Jesse Maricic. The blog consists of his clear photography skills and her love for not only fashion but crafting. She adds a little extra punk-esque to each outfit she puts together, whether it be by dying it or adding some studs to give it that rocker look.

Micah Gianneli isn't just set in one category of fashion, she doesn't just wear punk clothes or 'feminine' clothes, she is all over the place, which I love. She is like a little child with a box filled with different costumes who can never decide who she wants to be. Besides being a blogger, she is also a stylist. She has styled and/or collaborated with Kimbra, Topshop, Lee Jeans, Mucci & Me and many more.

I think more than anything, I love her look. I have to respect any lady that can cut off all their hair and still looking stunning! That doesn't go to say that ladies that cut their hair look ugly, it's just nice to see ladies that aren't caught up on getting long hair. She looks amazing in it and it fits her. I love everything she is and what she stands for.

Much love for Micah.


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