Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guidelines for 2013

I've decided this year to have guidelines instead of goals. I need guidance not someone waving candy in front of me, telling me to come and get it. So, my guidelines for this year are..

1. Try saving your weekly allowance, taking care of your money will cause your parents to trust you with a bigger amount. It's a win win

2. Have all your work finished by Thursday, not rushed. FINISHED with effort.

3. This is linked to two, have your work done, weekends go out, and have a ride, or make sure you've discussed it with parents. Plan ahead of time.

4. Stop fighting with your siblings. For example: Hannah's having her temper, ignore her, walk away; Ayo's being rude or annoying, correct him with out the use of your hands. 

5. Listen to your Mom, it just makes things that much easier.. 

6. Stay on top of your chores, never be held back, have them all done. You'll be relieved of stress.

7. Go out to events with family if not friends. (Talk to dad about his extra tickets to fashion events, etc.)

8. Lets try a little less time on the internet, and more on reading, writing, and school. 

9. You're really annoying at times, let's try to tone that down. Less hyper, more maturity. Grow up.. 

10. Workout out daily. Mon-Fri do workout videos, Saturday-Sun go running with Dad in the morning. Keep in mind, none of this matters if you don't eat healthy foods.

I promise you, do all these things, and you'll have an amazing year. 


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