Sunday, September 8, 2013

Taste of Kennesaw

Just realized its almost been a month since the last post and almost two months since I last posted.

whoopsy-daisy :$

Yesterday a whole glob of restaurants rallied together to produce Taste of Kennesaw.. think of it like taste testing the finest pizzas and chicken and drinks. Even under the sweltering heat my sisters, my mom and I managed to stay somewhat cool thanks to the humongous snow cones and strawberry lemonades. My mom even more so as she decided to tote around my polka-dot umbrella to shield herself from that damned sun; a smart move although she had barely any control of the thing. I'm sure she (unknowingly) whacked more than one person with it, other than me of course.


On Zoe
top: Forever 21
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Target
bag: Macy's

On Toyin
top: Urban Behavior
pants: Sears
shoes: Charlotte Russe
bag: Forever 21
necklace: vintage

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