Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nail It!

With school coming to a close, the only thing that seems to be on my mind is SUMMER.
Shopping, getting my hair done, no longer being on nail lockdown (no painted nails in school), and of course adding some new ensembles to the overused and abused closet of mine.

My dad having travelled to Amsterdam this past week, was able to get me a couple magazines for me and this month, the one that caught my eye was Nylon. I loved the Insta Obsession, it got me browsing the likes of @yostazyo @elarica and others. This issue actually got me thinking about my nails and what I'd do with them this summer.

Year after year I carry the same boring long mundane nails to the States until my Grandma takes my sister's and I to get them done, this year (thanks to Nylon) I have some ideas on what to do with my nails.

I checked out @jennahipp and @naominailsnyc on instagram and fell in love, and couldn't help but share some of the amazing insta photos.

p.s. photo above from naomi nails insta.


Jenna Hipp

 Jenna in action

Naomi Nails

Kelly, Joan and Naomi

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