Monday, May 27, 2013

F for Flatforms

I didn't even realise that Toyin and I had been so out of touch with this blog for 2 weeks. I assumed she was blogging, and I'm sure she assumed the same. With Summer approaching there has been so much to prepare for, the move to Atlanta (YAY), exams coming up, the Antigone production and so on.. so it has been hard to juggle all that and the blog, but enough of the excuses.

I've spent the last week looking at store after store after store and I find myself wondering off to the shoe department (which I don't normally do) and to be specific, the flatform department.. It is clear that  a pair of flatforms wil be my summer staple this year round. I wanted to share with you some of the flatforms I love, as well as the ones I've been seeing all over different websites/stores. Feel free to share your opinions on them or advise me on stores that sell even better pairs!


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Jeffrey Campbell 

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