Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hands Up High

Considering the heat that overwhelmed Lagos yesterday, it turned out to be a rather eventful yet tiring day. Toyin and I started the day rather late as our blackberries being the overly addictive devices they are, prevented us from getting the sleep that was well needed. the next afternoon we decided to check out a Vintage Sale in the depths of VI (Victoria Island). It was a rather small sale, not much to choose from but each seller had something unique to offer. One thing I noticed was that Elsie Vintage was fond of selling garish tops and skirts, it had a very loud look  overall, which I liked. Me being the age I am, I was really into the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air-esque looks whereas my mom wasn't too fond of them.

We all know when at a Nigerian shop you rarely find that all the looks are fabrics from across the boarder, you're going to find many if not all items with fabric made right in your homeland. So of course I fully expected to see ankara outfits but it was a breath of fresh air to see that that the outfits weren't entirely made out of ankara as they had incorporated lace and denim as well, which made for a fine finish.

Every outfit needs those accessories to compliment the look and of course, the sale did have their fair share of accessories that did exactly that. Although, one thing I've come to notice about Nigerian sales is that they like to overprice almost everything, it's like a trait. I had bought a printed top for 3k which is give or take 20 bucks (and yes this is expensive considering it had been worn countless times before being sold) which happened to be the same price as a small ring which shouldn't be more than 1k if not less. Clearly, I nor Toyin were ready to pay such a grand amount of money for such a  small accessorie.

We didn't venture much into the bag department  but I'm sure the prices for them wouldn't have exactly been a crowd pleaser. They sold clutches as well as purses, most were made of a crocodile like skin with ankara detail, all of them really would look good with a plain black dress which I thought was practical.

At the end of the day I ended up just buying the printed blouse I had set my eyes on from the start. Some pictures below:


  1. Is the vintage still on ? I love your outfits btw

  2. No it's not and sorry for getting back late. It was a one day sale, thank you x
    Zoe xo