Sunday, November 11, 2012

Teff the DON

I've been tracking Teff’s style for little over two years now. From her kinky hair to her well thought out outfits, there is much to expect from this fellow Nigerian based in New York. It’s not only this blogger’s unique style that I have fallen in love with, but her true talent in free writing. She exudes such grace and elegance in her writing  that her outfits conceal, only until you truly read what’s behind every thing she says, does, wears, will you truly appreciate her. I could say so much about her, but here are some words of her own, “A walking contradiction. A child of solitude. A prisoner of passion. Student of Psychology. Aspiring to dominate in matters of creative conduct. Whether it be in my photography, my words, in my fashion, or in my being. Fan of the arts. My chief pursuit is self-fulfillment. I have committed blunders, but harbor no regrets for any of ‘em. Like every living being, I am flawed. “My flaws are perfection…I am flawed to perfection”"
some of my favourite outfits:


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