Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hey Arnold

I first have to say that my sister Zoe has done an amazing job keeping this blog running while I've been dealing with the monstrosity that is college life. I'm so proud of all that she has accomplished and at such a young age! I'm really going to push myself to blog more so you'll all be seeing a lot more of me.

The days are getting severely colder here in Maryland which means it's all about layers, layers, layers. 
Not only that, but I've started investing in hats too as my weave does little to protect my poor ears from the piercing wind. It also helps that a hat keeps my hair from flying around and making me look all types of crazy after.

So I'll just say it now...I have a big head. This makes buying hats without adjustable straps or an elastic band a struggle. I kinda feel like Arnold sometimes even though my head isn't the size of a football. I can't wear fedora's and even the bowler hat I bought last year isn't making me feel any better about the size of my cranium. The only hats I seem to be buying are beanies and snapbacks.  They add a certain urban-ess to my outfits that I simply love. Each of the hats below make my outfits stand out and unfortunately bring attention to my big head. But hey, as long as I look good I might as well embrace it. 

-Toyin - $25.00

 Zumiez - $27.95

 H&M - $5.00

H&M - $10.00

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