Saturday, November 17, 2012

Doors by Toyin

You don’t reach out
But say I’m the one that is ignoring you
You say you miss me
But if you don’t tell me that, how will I know?
My body that has been orchestrated by God Himself didn’t give me an antenna for this type of sixth sense.
You deserve the right to know how I’m doing, how my family is, what new heartbreak I’m going through.
If life is that rough and even if for once it isn’t, believe me I’ll be glad you said hello.
Don’t ever stop talking to me. The closeness that is between us can fade away just as fast as it blossomed and grew.

When you’re used to people walking in and out of your life so quickly you get used to it.
It becomes routine.
It shouldn’t be.
At some point, you just watch the people go and don’t make a move to slam the door in front of them and say that they’re not going anywhere.
You hold the door right open.
Why? Who knows?
I’m no closer to explaining the complexities of my mind and outer workings of my actions than the greatest philosophers are to knowing the true meaning of life.
Don’t walk out on me, because I just might let you.
Puckering up your lips in distaste and mumbling discourteous words won’t help.
That won’t do anything for you, for me.
You must care, you must.
I’ll try harder to close the door if you try harder to stay in the room.

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